Renovation :

cockpit and accessories

Aircraft restoration: we’ve got the know-how!

Aircraft and cockpit restoration is one of our specialities. We love giving older machines new energy and a new lease of life.

For the restoration of an aircraft to be truly successful, you need a strong network of professionals working in a range of fields.

Airbase is lucky enough to have its own specialists, as well as talented bodywork technicians, painters, welders and carpenters.

Renovation and upgrade of your aircraft

There are several accessories on the market which can improve the potential of your aircraft.

Airbase offers systems capable of increasing the speed of your machine and reducing noise inside the cockpit.

Installing a new exhaust can reduce the noise impact of your plane.

Ask us about the latest developments in aircraft accessories- we’re happy to advise you.

To refurbish your machine or improve its performance, get in touch on +41 31 961 04 93.